MAD Turbo Werks LLC was created as the result of one person’s passion and a desire to develop better turbos for the 6.0 Powerstroke. The owner Adrian Guglielmetti possesses extreme gear head roots and has been an aircraft mechanic for over 26 years. As the owner of a 6.0 Powerstroke he saw a need for a better turbo than was currently available.

He used the knowledge gained through his profession along with his gear head background to develop these turbos.

The first objective was to develop a turbo that was affordable to anyone with a 6.0 Powerstroke as an upgrade for the stock turbo. The turbo had to be able to run with factory and aftermarket tuning, and do everything the stock turbo could do, but better.

Better fuel mileage, towing, faster spool, less lag, and better throttle response was the goals.

It had to work with all factory connections, injectors, and be a direct factory replacement.

After some time the initial turbo was developed and is now known as the M-1. This turbo meets all the objectives and has proven itself to be a great turbo, even increasing fuel mileage in many instances. It makes the 6.0 Powerstroke run the way it should have from factory without any decrease in reliability.

After the M-1 other turbos started to follow as Adrian pushed the vgt technology envelope to supply more air for increased injector sizing, enhancing performance while maintaining street drive-ability. All MTW turbos offer fast spool and minimal lag.

Each Turbo will provide noticeable throttle response, can be daily driven, and even used to tow.

The M-3 & M-4 are engineered for extreme performance requiring a high performance transmission upgrade.

These turbos can still tow if needed.

The M-3 & M-4 are an affordable alternative to compound setups with far less cost than compounds as well as direct bolt-in.

Adrian Guglielmetti, founder and owner of Mad Turbo Werks stands behind every Turbo Sold.

His goal is to provide the best customer service available.

Each turbo is custom made, with attention to detail, and reliability.